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These classes have a strong emphasis on developing riding skills. They also provide therapeutic horsemanship, social connections, competition opportunities, educational support and teach daily living skills that are specific for each person. These lessons are 45-75 minutes, to include both mounted and un- mounted activities, taught by a PATH Intl. Certified Instructor. They may take place outdoors or indoors and may include riding skills, fitness exercises, horse care, arena preparation and team building. Each group lesson includes individualized goals. Horses are an essential part of the team – they facilitate learning, motivation and group skill building. The atmosphere at JoyRide emphasizes the “just right challenge” for each person.






A learning approach in group sessions for the development of life skills for a variety of goals through activities involving equines. This integrates the human-horse interaction which is guided by a planned learning experience designed to meet specific goals of the participants. Working with horses provides opportunities to teach critical life skills.



JoyRide serves veterans through unmounted activities between horses and humans, aimed at rebuilding critical life skills such as reduced anxiety, confidence, improved self-awareness and communication skills. JoyRide is proud to provide services to veterans and first responders. This program involves group or private lessons led by a PATH Intl. certified Equine Specialist. Lessons will consist of activities with equines focused on the needs of Veterans and First Responders.



Our Day Programs are committed to bringing JOY into the daily lives of our young adults through meaningful, purposeful and age- appropriate programming.  Programming is fluid and supports clients’ interests and preferences. We offer a unique multi-tiered approach to adult programming that is client driven. Our goal is personal independence through hands-on tasks targeting daily functional life skills, related academic skills, and vocational skills. Class sizes are limited to 7 participants with a certified special education teacher and a trained adult mentor. This client-instructor ratio supports individualizing tasks to meet clients’ capabilities and challenges. JRC Prep paperwork is specific to that program and can be obtained on our website or by contacting Tara Kennedy, Day Program Manager,


Call the office at 281-356-5900, to speak with one of our Program Managers to ensure JoyRide is a good fit for you.

Client Packets

Read the Client Information Packet(s) below for an overview of our programs as well as information on tuition fees and JoyRide Center policies. You will be required to sign an acknowledgment that you have read this packet prior to acceptance into the program.

Therapeutic Riding Client Packet​

Equine connections Client Packet

Operation Equine Client Packet

Prep Day Program Client Packet​


**Additional Forms for Therapeutic Riding**

Medical Release Form

Competition/Horseshow Opportunities

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