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Day Programs

Our Day Programs are committed to bringing JOY into the daily lives of our young adults through meaningful, purposeful and age- appropriate programming.  Programming is fluid and supports clients’ interests and preferences.


We offer a unique multi-tiered approach to adult programming that is client driven. Our goal is personal independence through hands-on tasks targeting daily functional life skills, related academic skills, and vocational skills.


Class sizes are limited to 7 participants with a certified special education teacher and a trained adult mentor. This client-instructor ratio supports individualizing tasks to meet clients’ capabilities and challenges.

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Pre-Vocational Program

  • Offers a complete learning program that integrates functional academics, life-skills, and pre-vocational skills into a site work-based learning system.

  • The foundation of Prep program is to assist clients in developing personal independence when performing activities of daily living; work-related social, personal, and communication skills; and basic job competencies.

P.R.E.P. "Pursuing Relevant Employment Practices"

Vocational Program

  • Integrates experiential learning, personal independence, and vocational skill development though site-based volunteerism.

  • Person-centered thinking supports the client’s choice making, self-determination and self-advocacy skills. 

  • Clients have the opportunity to explore new areas of career interest; develop communication, social thinking and interpersonal skills; and set and pursue personal life goals.

Summer Experience

  • Offers high school students an opportunity to experience an adult day program.

  • The program provides engaging experiences through recreation and leisure interests, creative expression through arts and crafts, gardening, culinary arts, and equine support activities.

Interested parties please call or email to schedule a site tour and interview with the Day Program Manager at or 281-356-5900.

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