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Prep Day Program

JoyRide's Prep Day Program provides functional and life-skills education to adults with disabilities. Our Day Program is committed to bringing JOY into the daily lives of our students through meaningful, purposeful, and client-focused programming.  The curriculum and activities are fluid and support clients’ interests and goals. We offer a quality multi-tiered approach to adult programming that is unique. Our goal is personal independence through hands-on tasks targeting daily functional life skills, related academic skills, and vocational skills. Class sizes are limited to 9 participants, with a certified special education teacher and an assistant teacher. This client-instructor ratio supports individualizing tasks to meet clients’ capabilities and challenges.



​JRC Prep combines the following three distinct pillars of instruction into an integrated program:

  1. Worksite: JoyRide Center serves as a jobsite for all JRC Prep clients. In this portion of the program, clients become involved in learning pre-vocational skills. This includes aspects of running a small horse farm and facility maintenance.

  2. Production: JRC Prep clients create numerous products that are used for fundraising events and activities. These products include horse treats, stationery, Christmas ornaments and many others. Clients are involved in every step of the process of making these products.

  3. Functional Lessons: JRC Prep utilizes our full kitchen and laundry facilities to perform various tasks such as meal preparation, launder items for the therapeutic riding program, socializing, leisure activities and outdoor leaning activities. PATH instructor led Equine-Assisted Learning and mechanical riding lessons are also included in the curriculum. 

Summer Experience

JRC Prep is open to high school transition clients (age 16+) seeking a day program as a potential post secondary option. Our day program provides engaging experiences through craft production, facility support, and recreation and leisure activities.

Please call or email to schedule a site tour


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