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COVID-19 Information & Updates

In a continued effort of transparency to our clients, volunteers, and staff, we are updating our COVID-19 notification process. We will send a general letter of notification if someone who has been at the facility tests positive for COVID-19. Anyone who had potential direct exposure will be notified privately. Any class cancellations, or facility closures will be posted on this COVID-19 INFORMATION page.

JRC Prep classes are back in session in person as well as virtual learning. Masks are to be worn during close contact 

Any public documents pertaining to JoyRide Center's Covid-19 Policies & Procedures can be found here.

JoyRide Center Sanitization Procedure

JoyRide Center's notification of COVID-19 cleaning protocol information is linked here.

Montgomery County Coronavirus Response Hub including current case numbers, is linked here.

Texas  DSHS most up to date information, guidelines, and state mandates & protocols are linked here.  

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